The First Note


Music for Children provides variety of options to invite music into the lives of others! We opened January 2016, began serving the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks community shortly after, and are actively expanding!

The Future Sounds Good


Music for Children believes that YOUR children are the future of music! We inspire our students to love and care for music! We have a strong desire to watch our students progress through each level of music whether you're 5 or 75 years old!

What do people say?


"Thank you for all you do for our children! My daughter has told me that she wants to get a college scholarship in band! You have really instilled a love of band!" - Beth Barron

Founder’s Notes


"I love having the opportunity to share my love of music with others with Music for Children! Music is my passion! Can you imagine life without music? I can't!"

 Tim McBreen